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how to disable usb ports

hai guys above video i am showing about how to disable usb ports

just follows these commands

1. open run and type regedit

2.click on okay after click on HKEY-LOCAL -MACHINE-

3.click on system

4.further click on current control set >>services

5.search USBSTOR

6.click on USBSTOR you will see the start click on it and change it from 3 to 4

This is the best way to disable usb ports another way is

1) Right click on This pc click on manage
2) click on  device manager further click on the universal serial bus controller and disable all 
3) after disable all check your USB port is working or not

If you have any doubts ask me in comment section or fb page whatever it may be i will try to reply to all your commnets

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