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top 5 folder techniques

In this video i am showing about top 5 folder settings those are
1)how to lock files in folder
2)how to enable drives in send to option
3)How to create non deletable folder
4)how to change the folder color
5)How to create empty or con folder

These steps are mandatory

1)How to lock folder or files

It is possible to lock our files or folder without using any software ?? yes,
By using add to archive we can set a password to our files 
If you delete your original files then also you should have a files in archive folder.Those are protect if set the password 

 2) How to enable drives in send to option:

Generally we don't have drives option in send to if you right click on the folder.How to get drive option in send to.

Open run(wind+r) your computer and type shell:sendto after choose the drive which one want to your and drag that drive .

After drag the drives you have drives option in  send to 

3)How to create non deletable folder

sometimes it is very important to create the non deletable folder.Just follow these steps for creating non deletable folders.
1) Right click on the folder you will see a properties option.
2)click on that further go security
3)Choose system and after click on edit further give tick mark to deny option and also do similar to next one.

These steps and picture are enough for creating the non deletable folder.

4) How to create colored folder 

Daily we are creating lot of folders and deleting lot of folders. But sometimes  we are confusing and delete the folder one by one. These problems can easily solve if you create a colored folder.

1) click here and download the software

2) After installation completed open it, choose the folder and give the color to folder.

5) How to create empty folder and con folder

Is it possible to create empty folder ? yes

Generally it is impossible to create like if remove the name and press the enter at that time you should have one notification and not able to create empty folder at that time.

Just remove the name and after press alt+255 and press enter for con folder remove the name first and press alt+255 after give the name con 

These 5 techniques are very helpful to you for more information follow our site.

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