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Virgin Hyperloop project in India

five to seven years from now, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson plans to inaugurate a Hyperloop linking the two cities that will cut down travel time to 25 minutes, or less.
The proposed Hyperloop route will link central Pune, Navi Mumbai International Airport, and Mumbai in 25-minutes, and will eventually support 150 million passenger trips annually, saving more than 90 million hours of travel time, and thus transforming lives. The system, boasting the capability to travel up to 1,000 km per hour.

Elon musk introduce the first hyper loop in 2012. Speed 1000Km/hour nearly equal to airplane speed.

The Hyperloop could result in $55 billion (Rs 3.5 lakh crore) in socio-economic benefits over 30 years of operation. That apart, the 100% electric system could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 150,000 tons annually.
The project will begin with a six-month in-depth feasibility study, which will build upon the findings of the pre-feasibility study signed in November 2017 between the Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority and Virgin Hyperloop One and define the route alignment including environmental impact, the regulatory framework, cost and funding model recommendations, etc. The demonstration track will be constructed in two to three years and serve as a platform for testing, certifying, and regulating the system for commercial operations. The second phase will target to complete construction of the full Pune-Mumbai route by 2025.
Chennai, Visakhapatnam, and Amaravati could take place in under two hours in the next decade.
Incidentally, this was not the only headline-grabbing announcement made at the Magnetic Maharashtra Convergence. Reliance industries chairman Mukesh Ambani, too, announced that his company will set up the first integrated digital area in the state. "It will be a collaborative investment worth Rs 60,000 crore, where 20 global companies will be investing," he added. No wonder Fadnavis felt emboldened to announce plans to become India's first $3 trillion economy by 2025.

                                         This is the route map between Mumbai to pune

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