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Apple trying to make it's own displays

Apple trying to make it's own displays

Apple's laptops, smartphones, tablets and watches rely on hundreds of parts, most of which Apple sources from other companies around the world. But the more of those parts Apple can make itself, the more profit it can generate as well as making its supply chain more reliable. Apple already started for making own chips now it's attempting to make displays.

As Bloomberg reports, Apple is thought to be designing and producing its own displays in a secret manufacturing facility near California. More specifically, the focus is on producing Micro Led screens like those recently produced by Samsung to form the 146-inch modular TV launching in August.In Apple's case, perfecting Micro LED screen production would remove the need to rely on companies including Samsung, Japan Display, Sharp, and LG Display. We could see Apple displays used in the Apple Watch , iPad pro etc in the future, but there's one big problem: Micro LED is extremely difficult to manufacture. Apple's focus on Micro LED is due to the benefits offered, notably they create thinner, brighter and less power-hungry displays without the downsides of OLED (limited life span, brightness). However, because each pixel has its own light in a Micro LED array, it throws up some manufacturing challenges. Those challenges apparently almost made Apple shut down the project last year, but it didn't, and now working displays are being produced.

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