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Assisted dialing Feature in Android Q

Now mobile world congress is over, Android focusing upcoming release of Android P. The first Android P Developer Preview would drop on March 14th. More likely thank to Even Bass. 

Considering we’re quite far off from the release date of Android Q.we may have possibly found the first known feature coming to Android Q: assisted dialing.

What is assisted dialing? It’s a feature for people traveling internationally, and it simply corrects any phone number you dial out by adding the appropriate country code. This type of feature is already available on many smartphones from various device makers, but it’s not a feature of Android.
Google Phone App’s Assisted dialing settings on the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL running Android 8.1.
Assisted dialing is really useful feature for international travelers, but it’s not the kind of feature that would headline Android Q’s release. additional features coming in Android Q whenever the P source code and system files drop.

Let's see future updates of Android Q and almost in this month Developer Preview will start.

These are the Leaked Pictures 

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