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What is the use of XHTML || XHTML part 2


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XHTML was developed to make HTML is more extensible. There are mainly two reasons behind why the creation of XHTML

1) It is compatible for all browsers and standard for making web pages, reducing incompatibilities between the browsers.
2) It creates a standard that can be used on a variety of different devices  and HTML is mainly used for creating the web pages but so many peoples using BAD HTML i.e they are not follow complete code of html.

example :

<title> example of bad html </title>
<h1> lot of peoples using bad HTML
<p> That is main reason for develop XHTML

In above example HTML code does not follow the HTML rule although it runs.In Above coding closing tags are missing. Now a day, there are different browsers are used. Some browsers run on computers and some are run in mobile phones.The main issue is in-case of using bad html it can't properly open in small devices.

That is main reason for developing the XHTML. XHTML is combine strength of HTML and XML.

XHTML is HTML redesigned as XML. It helps to peoples to create better formatted code on your site and supports to every small devices. Even if you are using bad html like missing tags etc it is ignored by the browser . That is main reason for using XHTML.

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