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iPhone XS Benchmark Scores are Insane

The iPhone XS is here, and I’ve been testing it out over the last couple of days. The new iPhone improves a bunch of things over the iPhone X — the speakers are better, Face ID is slightly faster (most of the time), and the cameras are improved; plus the iPhone XS comes with the all new 7nm A12 Bionic chipset, which is just an insanely powerful smartphone SoC.

Since Apple said quite a lot about the A12 being the most advanced chip in the industry, and since Apple’s chips have always been way ahead of their Android counterparts, I wanted to see just how amazing the A12 Bionic is, so I performed some benchmarks on it and it blew me away. Check it out:


In Geekbench 4, Apple’s new chipset is a cut above anything in the market right now. I benchmarked the iPhone XS, the iPhone X, and the Note 9 to see how they stack up on Geekbench.

The A12 Bionic inside the iPhone XS scored a whopping 4,820 in single core, and 11,060 in multi-core tests.

In comparison, the A11 Bionic scored a pretty awesome 4,244 in single-core, and 10,438 in multi-core tests.

The Note 9, with the Snapdragon 845 scored an impressive 3,713 in single-core, and 9,075 in multi-core tests.

Clearly, the A12 Bionic is pretty far ahead, and the closest competition it has right now is Apple’s very own A11 Bionic. That’s impressive.


I also ran AnTuTu on the iPhone XS, iPhone X, and the Note 9 to see how they perform overall in that benchmark.

The A12 Bionic scored, and you might not believe this, a mind-blowing 342,949 in AnTuTu! That’s way more than any other smartphone has ever scored on the benchmark!

The iPhone X with the A11 Bionic scored a decent 233,161 which is okayish, and nothing really special.

The Note 9 with the Snapdragon 845 scored a sweet 242,525 in AnTuTu, which beats the iPhone X but is nowhere near the iPhone XS.

Once again, the A12 Bionic is leagues ahead of anything available in the market right now, and it’s a very impressive benchmark score-sheet to be completely honest.

Before you point it out to me, I do realize that benchmarks aren’t always representative of real world performance, and I am testing out the actual performance of the iPhone XS even as you read this article. A detailed performance review of the phone will be out soon, so stay tuned. Until then, marvel at the engineering prowess of Apple’s silicon team which has made a smartphone chip this damn powerful!


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