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Docker Magneta Hands-On Solutions.

 Docker Magneta Hands-On Solutions. 

The Course Id of Docker-Container Orcas is 55534.

**Learn the All Basics Commands and follow the below Instructions to Clear the Hands-On Solution.**

STEP 1:- Open Fresco Play Course, Open Hands-On Question, and Click On Launch. You will see the below image. Make Sure Click on Notification and Install. 

STEP 2:- You will see the notification like the below image(Wait for at least 5-10 mins). Then click and open the hands-on question and read the instruction file. 

STEP 3:- Write the below code. 

                1. docker info
                2. docker ps
                3. docker run -d tomcat
                4. docker ps (check tomcat is installed or not)


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  1. Machine-learning Using scikit-learn can you upload hands-on for thisss

  2. this is wrong question, questions are already changed,pls get latest question


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