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Batch file error codes meaning


If you are using batch files too much sometimes you got the errors in command prompt or others. Lot of members are do not  know about the Error code meaning that's why i provided the exact meaning of the Error code which is very helpful for solving .

Error codes

Error code 0
  Program successfully completed.

Error code 1
 Incorrect function, Indicates that action has attempted to execute non-recognized command in windows command prompt
Error code 2

 The system can’t find the file specified. i.e. File can’t be found in specific location
Error code 3
  The system can’t find the path specified. i.e. specific path can’t be found
Error code 5
 Access is denied, user has no access to right to specific resource.

               Error code                 90090×2331
Program is not recognized as an internal or external command, application name is misspelled when configuring the Action
Error code 32212257860×C000019A1073741510
The application terminated as a result of a Ctrl+C , It has been terminated either by user’s keyboard input Ctrl+c or Ctrl+Break.
Error code 2212254950xC00000171073741801

Not enough virtual memory is available.
Error code

The application failed to initialize properly or another possible cause is that either gdi32.dll or user32.dll has failed to initialize.
These table is very helpful to you for meaning of Error codes and solving 
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