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How to place your Google AdSense code in blogger


How to place your Google Ad Sense code in blogger.Lot of members are using html or java script for displaying the ads. That is totally wrong method.First apply the Google adsense using earning option in blogger.

After sometime may be it take 4 or 5 days you will receive a mail from google adsense. There are some urls in my ads like this picture

  Using that urls copy the code

Open your blogger and goto the theme option click the eidt html and place this code in Head tag .
After paste that code choose the place for displaying ads in your blogger. Click on layout option in blogger choose the place and paste that code .

After refresh your blogger site you will definitely see the ads on your blogger . These steps are enough for displaying the ads on blogger and do not use any html or java language for displaying ads and finally do not forget for saving the code .

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