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how to lock your computer hard disk

Above video i am showing about how to lock your computer hard disk.Hard disk protection is not a compulsory for daily.But sometimes it is very important to protect the hard disk in our computer

just follow these commands for protecting the hard disk

1) Open Bios settings in your computer

2) click on the BIOS Setup which is in OTHER OPTIONS ( by using arrow keys )

3) After a new window is open click  on security open by using arrows or mouse further click on the internal hdd-o password

4) Give the password for protecting the hard disk

5) click  on ok and exit. Thus we can easily protect or lock our hard disk

6) After opening your computer it ask a password like this picture 

7) For unlock or remove the password just opening bios settings in your computer before it ask the  hard disk password give that password and opening INTERNAL HDD-O  PASSWORD.

8)Give the old password and click on ok for removing the password.

9) For changing the new password give old password and type new password and finally exit 

Thus we can easily lock and unlock our hard disk in computer . I think this information is very helpful to you

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