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Nokia 9 in-display fingerprint sensor

Nokia 9

Nokia 9 in-display fingerprint

According to the latest rumors about the upcoming flagship Nokia 9, it could come with an in-display fingerprint reader. New smartphone trends to see these days is not just the reduction of bezels, but manufacturers have either moved the fingerprint readers to the back of the phone or foregone it entirely, such as the iPhone X. Nokia 9 & Nokia 8 Pro On Track to be Announced This Year with in-Glass Fingerprint Readers Plus Massive Camera Upgrades. Vivo has already released a phone with an in-glass fingerprint scanner, Nokia 9 could be the first global flagship with such a scanner Nokia 9 comes with an in-screen fingerprint reader; it will be one of the most awaited phones of this year. The phone will probably be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, accompanied by up 8GB of RAM and 22MP dual-lens rear camera.

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