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WWDC event dates, place and cost etc

WWDC event dates, place and cost etc

Every year, Apple holds a conference for developers only, WWDC, short for World Wide Developers’ Conference, or Dub-Dub as it’s widely called. But while the week-long event is behind closed doors, it begins with a keynote event which is of interest to everyone.
This year, the event is taking place in San Jose, as it was last year, at the McEnery Convention Center. It'll be the 29th annual WWDC and will run from Monday, June 4 to Friday, June 8.

David Phel
A new iPad, perhaps, if rumors are to be believed. Though it’s just as likely that an iPad will be revealed before then, like last year’s entry-level tablet which was revealed in early April. But there is a precedent for a Dub-Dub iPad, such as the iPad Pro 10.5 announced last June, and if rumors of an iPad with Face ID are correct, WWDC would be a perfect platform. Perhaps there’s going to be a new Mac, as there was last June. But while that was a more powerful iMac, this may be something brand new. Of course, there’s likely to be a further update on the promised Mac Pro (unless it appears before then). But there are rumors of a new, entry-level MacBook, perhaps a new MacBook Air with a Retina display.
There are also rumors of a new iPhone SE, but I’ll be honest, there is no exact information about that
if you Want to attend?
You need $1599, the cost of the week’s events. That’s not cheap, but if it’s like previous years, it will a sell-out.

To have a chance of going, you need to apply for tickets, between now and Thursday, March 22, 10AM PDT. It’s only after then that Apple assigns tickets to those who have applied, done by a random selection process which sees developers being notified by 5PM PDT the following day, March 23.

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